Professor Laurence Habib

Member of NYILAI’s Advisory Board

Professor Laurence Habib is a Full Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway and a Faculty Fellow at Fielding Graduate University. She holds a PhD in Information Systems from the London School of Economics (2000), where her research focused on the domestication of technology in home settings. Her past and current research spans a variety of areas, including educational technologies, universal design of technology, digital vulnerabilities in connected homes, digital citizenship, and sustainable artificial intelligence. She is currently the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Oslo Metropolitan University and a member of the Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Research (NordSTAR). She is a member of the National Academic Council for Informatics in Norway, and has previously served on the National Advisory Board for IT Architecture at Universities Norway. She is a member of the steering committee of the research laboratory Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering, and a deputy board member at Inland Norway University of Applied Science. She has also served as a referee in scientific panels for assessment of grant applications to the Norwegian Research Council. She has been actively participating in different national and European research projects, including RELINK (Relinking the Weak Link in Connected Homes), U-YouPa (Understanding Youth Participation and Media literacy in Digital Dialogue Spaces), Flex-IT (Cross-Domain IT use in Everyday Life), and EQUALS-EU (Gender Equality and Equity in Social Innovation Ecosystems in Local Communities in the Global North and South).