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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Courses & Training

  • AI techniques have successfully been applied to several areas ranging from medicine to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Increasingly organizations have realized the need for in-house knowledge of this field. NYILAI can provide courses and training tailored to your organization's needs and your employees' background participating in the course. Our courses will be delivered by international university professors who have practical knowledge and expertise in the field.
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AI Strategy

  • To reap the full benefit of the advances in Neural networks, Deep Learning, and other AI techniques that are applicable to their operations and objectives, they need a strategy that describes the goals and ways to achieve them. NYILAI staff can work together with the management to formulate such a strategy by considering the organization's capabilities.
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AI Consulting

  • Our scientists at NYILAI can provide valuable advice on model building, deployment, and production of all AI projects. Our staff can assess the progress of your project and provide technical suggestions before and during implementation.
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